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Welcome to a spiritual quest exploring the nature and beauty of acupuncture points on a much deeper level...  


EXTENDED EARLY BIRD - Ends Monday 8th November 2021 at Midnight

When: Sunday November 14th 2021 

Time: 10am AEDT Melbourne Time (12pm NZDT, 6pm EST) 

PART 2 - Wood, Earth and Water Channels
of Feet and Legs

In Part 2, Lorie and Sohial will share their thoughts on how, when, and why a practitioner should consider integrating Spirit Points into a clinical encounter. Then they will turn to specific Spirit Points on the Wood, Earth, and Water Channels on the feet and legs. Exploration of the points will be augmented by case presentations, etymology of Chinese characters, mythical associations, specific treatment strategy suggestions as well as experiential explorations by participants.

Objectives for Part Two

1. Students will understand how, when, and why to consider using Spirit Points.

2. Students will learn five specific, psycho-spiritually active points on the Liver and Gall Bladder Channels.

3. Students will learn five specific, psycho-spiritually active points on the Stomach and Spleen Channels.

4. Students will learn five specific psycho-spiritually active points on the Kidney and Bladder Channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this an online event?

Yes, via zoom. Links will be emailed closer to the event

Q. What currency is the price?
All currency is in AUD (Australia Dollar)

Q. if I can't attend live, is there a recording?
Yes. You have access to a recording for each event for 3 months once editing is complete and ready.

Q. What if I've missed part 1 (or other parts)?
Simply click any of the tabs on this page to purchase your ticket. On the purchase page you have an option of upgrading to purchase all 3 parts at a discount. Buying all 3 parts is the cheapest option.

Q. Is there any Taxes?
For Australian residents, Taxes are inclusive. For everyone outside of Australia, taxes do not apply.

Q. How much is this event?
It is  $98AUD until 8th November 2021

Q. Is there a student price?
We have offered this at a reasonable price to accomodate both practitioners and students at the current times of struggle. No extra discounts available.

Q. Is this workshop just for practitioners or can students attend?

This workshop is definitely suited for both practitioners and students. In fact, many previous practitioners who have attended prior workshops of both Lorie and Sohial were pleasantly surprised that the content was presented in a way that clearly explained some of the core fundamentals of Chinese Medicine on mental-health with an easy to understand and easy to integrate in clinical practice.

Q. Can non-Chinese Medicine practitioners and therapists attend?
The concepts covered in this series are primarily based on Chinese Medicine concepts with a background of Daoism, philosophy, human behaviour and psychological concepts. The speakers usually attract energy healers, kinesiologists and body workers from varied backgrounds. However needling recommendations are solely for qualified and registered practitioners. 

Q. Is this a CEU/CPD event?
Yes, approval by NCCAOM, AACMA Australia and Acupuncture NZ. For those outside these associations, you will receive a Certificate of Completion after passing a short quiz.

Q. I don't have zoom, can I still purchase a ticket and watch the event?
Yes. You do not need to be an active paying customer of zoom to participate and watch. 

Q. What if I have technical difficulty participating or watching the event?
You may contact zoom on - please note for non-paid members you can only access zoom's FAQ's.

Q. Is there a refund or cancellation policy?
You may request a refund to cancel your ticket by writing anytime before 3 weeks of the scheduled event date. Between 3 weeks and the scheduled event date, you are entitled to 50% of the funds paid minus merchant fees and 5% admin fees. On or after the scheduled event, there is no refunds or credit notes.    

Q. I have more questions, who can I contact?
You can direct any questions to

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