Anthony Monteith is bringing Australian Acupuncturist Sohial Farzam for a
3 Day Online Seminar - Treating Emotional Trauma with the
8 Extraordinary Vessels
8X - The Celestial Realm of Human Intelligence

A Journey of Self-Exploration and Overcoming Emotional Trauma Through The Transcendence of Matter (Emotion) to Light (Love)

Early Bird ONLY 475 Euro. 
(Save 120 Euro from Full Price)

WHERE: Dublin Ireland - Saturday 23rd to Sunday 24th July 2022

TIMES: 9am to 5pm GMT
There will be morning and afternoon breaks and 45mins lunch each day 
(please note catering is not included)

Bonuses: Full access to the recording from the Sydney Seminar that took place online in Feb 2021 for 6 months.

PLEASE NOTE: Terms of attendance will be subject to current government and venue requirements.

This seminar is an integration of Chinese medicine concepts especially based on the teachings of Jeffrey Yuen with human behaviour, neuroscience and quantum physics.

"I really appreciate the time, effort, inspiration to bring this workshop to life. The 8X material you've presented has been direct, useful, understandable and most importantly...relevant.
I also very much appreciated you're willingness to tolerate questions (mostly from me) and to enlighten Non-TCM methods to aid (TCM) diagnosis and insight. Thanks again for a super-fantastic 3 days. " -
Matt S. Chinese Medicine Practitioner (Melbourne)

The 8 Extraordinary Channels...3 days exploring the power, 
the beauty and the miraculous gift of using the 8 Extraordinary Channels to Transcend Extraordinary Trauma

A special thanks and acknowledgment to Jeffrey Yuen for his teachings. This seminar is grounded in the foundations of JY's teachings on 8 Extraordinary Channels.  

We will explore these foundations... 

History & Evolution

It all starts here. Where do we come from, what's the purpose, what is destiny, what's faith, why these channels, where do we go and what should we take with us?

Universal Oneness & Intelligence

"The person who wants to have right without wrong, order without disorder, does not understand the principles of heaven and earth" - Chuang Tzu.

Conception & Utero Development

Conception is the course of pre-natal energies based on reversal of the generating cycle. If there is conception, it is because you are chosen. If it is to remain, it is because the soul has accepted its destiny.

Emotions & The Psyche

Emotions are lopsided perceptions of an already balanced world. Our psyche remains in balance but our perceptions distort our reality and the channels express our reality from actuality.

Channels That Tell Our Life Story

Each of the 8 extra channels bring meaning, context and experience to help us acquire, perceive, create and execute according to our highest values.

The Brain, Curious Fu & Quantum

Our innate intelligence that helps us to change and adapt to our environment for maximum survival, evolution and continuation.

Further topics covered...

✅ Evolutionary and Transformational Dynamics
✅ Constitutional Energetics
✅ Unfolding of Fate and Destiny
✅ Emotions and Channel Relationships
✅ Quantum Physics and Quantum Healing
✅ The True Meaning of Enlightenment
✅ The Extraordinary Channels on Conception Utero, Birth Process and Birth Trauma
✅ Psycho-Emotional Analysis of 8 Extra Channels and Their Associated Points
✅ Needling Methods and Point Selection
✅...AND LIVE Case Studies and Clinical Application 

What practitioners had to say about Sohial's 8X workshop?

"Content - mind-blowing. Delivery - Excellent. Knowledge & experience is powerful yet humble very easy to relate and integrate". 

- Vikki G. (Queensland)

"Really loved the seminar and the energy you brought. The first day bent my mind (in a good way)....Can't wait to do more". 
- Tracy G. (Adelaide)

- From attendees of the Melbourne 8X workshop in October 2019

About Sohial Farzam

Sohial Farzam is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture). Sohial has been practicing for 19 years. He has also been a past long term lecturer at the Endeavour College of Natural Health (formally known as the Australian College of Natural Medicine) in Melbourne Australia for around 14 years.

Sohial’s main area of work is in psycho-emotional dynamics, mental health and emotional empowerment. He is a widely known practicing acupuncturist in Australia and he currently presents many seminars on mental health and emotional conditions all around Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

He has a special interest in human psychology, human behaviour, neuroscience, quantum physics and philosophy. He integrates all these study angles to fully understand the dynamics of the psyche. He helps people empower their lives so they can liberate from emotional bondage, breakthrough stagnation and clutter as to maximize their heart potential by becoming “masters of their destiny, rather than victims of their history”. 

Sohial recently founded the 'International Integrative Mental Health Conference - A Chinese Medicine Based Event (IIMHC)" whereby many of the world's well-known practitioners and speakers took part presenting to an audience of 200+ online talking about Emotional Trauma.   

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Ticket Price 475 Euro - SAVE 120 Euro From Full Price 

Reviews from other practitioners on 
Sohial's other workshops... 

“Sohial brings light to the void of knowledge not often taught at schools. Since his seminars I have felt the growing need to learn 
about the crucial connection between emotions and the physical body. The topics on which Sohial speaks are captivating, 
thought provoking and definitely a way of the future...With practical examples, exceptional knowledge and a true passion which 
resonates from his speaking, Sohial is guaranteed to inspire. Highly recommended”  
- Emma Snare - (Acupuncturist, Sydney)
“Sohial brought a whole new depth of understanding the emotions in a way I'd never knew before and certainly nothing I learnt at uni, or after 16 years in practice from other seminars.
...Sohial presents with great enthusiasm and humour to make such an in depth topic easy to relate to and understand"
- Savoula Zakis (Acupuncturist, Melbourne)
“Sohial goes where few acupuncturists venture - straight to the emotional disharmony that accompanies many (if not all) 
clinical presentations. His insight and knowledge into the spiritual aspects of the points and presenting issues is
superb and highly insightful. His ability to describe neurological links and TCM pyschoemotional analyses 
of cases are fascinating and inspiring...If you get the chance to attend one of his 
seminars I highly recommend it! ”
- Kate Pennington (Acupuncturist, Warrnambool)  
100% Money-Back Guaranteed. At the end of the seminar, If you don't think it was 
worth your time, let me know and I will give you a full refund.

Secure Your Seat Now!

Ticket Price 475 Euro - SAVE 120 Euro From Full Price 

Let's take this journey together... 

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is this seminar just for practitioners or can students attend?  
This seminar is definitely suited for both practitioners and students. In fact, many previous practitioners who have attended my workshops were pleasantly surprised that the content surpassed their expectations even as seasoned practitioners. The 8X channels are not heavily covered during college so this seminar puts an end to that.  
Is the seminar just for Acupuncturists?  
The content is grounded on the foundations of Chinese Medicine knowledge and philosophy. However, other disciplines are also discussed such as Quantum physics, Neuroscience, Physiological Implications as well as Psychological and behavioural associations. Therefore, I have always had a variety of health professionals attend my workshops including other allied health practitioners in particular Reiki healers, Kinesiologists, remedial therapists, counsellors, psychologists and energy healers.  
How much is this seminar?  
This seminar is on its early bird pricing and is currently 475 Euro.
Full price will be 595Euro (so you SAVE 120 Euro) 
Is this a face to face live seminar and if so where is this seminar?
Yes this is a planned face to face seminar. Currently we have a tentative booking at: Carnegie Court Hotel, North Street, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland
E-mail:, Ireland tel: 01 840 4384, International tel: +353 1 840 4384
Is there a recording if I book but can't make it live?  
Yes. The bonus is you have access to a 6 month recording to watch as many times as you like. Please note the recording is from an online seminar that was delivered in Sydney in 2021. The content is the same. 
How do I obtain my CPD Certificate?
After completion of the event, all attendees will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate is not affiliated to any specific association. 
PLEASE NOTE: Terms of attendance will be subject to current government and venue requirements.
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